Sunday, February 5, 2012


Note: Mature Content (THIS IS YAOI, apparently.. hahaha)

Group Scanlating: Cocks in Frocks

Okay, I'm confused.. I'm not exactly sure how to rate this or what to make of this.. Is this a new chapter or just a side story? Cause, this chapter seems HET, but they're both girls. Sakura is definitely a girl's name, right? Also, they refer to themselves as HE right?

It's been a while since I read the last chapter and this series is a little confusing sometimes since they label each other as "HE" or something like that.

Oh, I just realized it.. Love DNA XY... Like the chromosomes.. XX is female... XY is male.. So does that mean this chapter is HET or Yaoi. Maybe one of the reasons why Lililicious dropped this?

Update:  Okay, after reading the comments, everyone agrees that this is YAOI.. I have nothing against the genre, it's just not Yuri.

So guys, you have been warned, this contains MATURE YAOI SCENES and this is not a new chapter of Love DNA XX.



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