Sunday, February 12, 2012

[Doropanda TOURS] Mai-HiME Fanbook Vol.12 [ShizNat] [RAW]

Special Thanks to X-23 for emailing me the link


OMG, A new volume of Doropanda Doujin!! I've seen a few pages before but this time, I have the entire pages, in HIGH RESOLUTION!!

I think it contains 2 stories.. One is a manga and the other is a light novel. The pages are freaking awesome!!! I'm falling in love with ShizNat all over again. Hahaha!!!!

So this is my Valentine's Day present for you guys.. They're raw but at least you'll get a glimpse on the latest volume..

 Please, can someone translate this for us?

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[Doropanda TOURS]  Mai-HiME Fanbook Vol.12 [ShizNat] [RAW]

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