Saturday, March 17, 2012

Refrain & Strawberry Time [NanoFate Doujin]

Note: Explicit Content

Group Scanlating:

Another double release from It's labeled "mature" so if you're under 18, you're too young to read this.. I know you won't listen and download this anyway but at least I did my part :)

Anyway, in Refrain, Fate is haunted by the memories of her mother, her being a "Doll" and the feeling of being unwanted and unloved. Nanoha, of course, made her feel otherwise.

In Strawberry Time, Nanoha and Fate are in their younger years, and they're spending sweet sweet time together.. Okay, so I copied the text in page 23, but it's true. They're reconfirming their love or whatever sweet terms you can think of.

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Refrain & Strawberry Time [NanoFate Doujin]

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